Oval Selenite Chandelier




The chandelier pictured is 40″ W x 18″ H

Slabs of selenite overlap and envelop the lights that surround the metal base with two spotlights pointing down to shine light in all directions. A modern twist on a rustic look that can bring ambiance to any room.

These functional artifacts for the home are¬†absolutely stunning and reflective of one’s priorities in a modern time. Petrified Wood, Agate, Crystal, Metal, are materials that when combined, create meaningful works of art. James Vilona loves his own interior to call upon what he loves the most, nature. Using nature’s artifacts and materials allows Vilona to build functional pieces for his clients that are aesthetically beautiful. Vilona’s mission is to fill as many homes with this style of art and furniture to help create spaces that are meaningful, beautiful, and most importantly, reflective of what surrounds us and supports us all.

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