White Cloud Tower Small


White cloud onyx is very subtle beige and white until the light is turned on revealing the Grey and Golden accents spread throughout.  The gem within the normalcy of life.



This tower is 18″ H x 4″D approximately

The subtlety of this gorgeous lamp comes to life as soon as the light is turned on. The swirls of beige and white are accented with grey and golden hues once lit.

Onyx lamps are the perfect way to add a touch of nature to your home. Each lamp is made from natural onyx stone and is hand-crafted to create a unique one-of-a-kind piece. The soft light from the lamp will make your home warm and inviting, while the natual beauty of onyx stone will bring peace and tranquility into every room.

Cagliostro Luxury is also involved in custom onyx projects. Bar tops, back lit panels, Giant onyx spheres, really anything you can think of. Send us a message and let us bring your designs to life!

Although there are several onyx that look similar to this one in stock, each onyx lamp is slightly different in its color and banding. That is because no two onyx pieces are identical as they are natural materials and each are one of a kind just like a fingerprint as well as the height which may vary by up to 2″.

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