Agate Tables, More Than Luxury Furniture

Agates are said to improve sleep when placed close to your bed. What better way to make this happen then to utilize an agate table. Cagliostro Luxury,, prides themself in hand picking top of the line agates to make their original tables.

An Agate is classified by its striking formation of Chalcedony layered with crystalline quartz. This layering creates bands of color and translucency. This fascinating gemstone takes over 50 million years to form and does so one layer at a time. The gemstone forms inside the cavities of igneous or metamorphic rock. When the rock begins to form from cooling lava, gases inside the lava bubble up to solidify into these cavities. This creates a perfect environment for microcrystalline quartz to grow. With gentle flowing bands of baby blue and fluffy white Chalcedony, it is no surprise that Blue Lace Agate is known for its soothing and calming properties. This is a great companion for those suffering from anxiety and panic attacks and is said to promote peaceful sleep.

Waterfall 2 Tier Blue Lace Agate

The stone comes in a wide range of hues, from deep reds and gentle pinks to dazzling greens and deep blues and everything in between. The name “agate” comes from the Latin word for sea bird. So named because the stone was once thought to be made from the feathers of these birds.

Double Table Blue Lace Agate & Quartz

The colors within agates result from microscopic crystals of quartz or calcite within the stone itself. Most often, the crystal structure of the agate will determine the color of the stone. For example, if you were to heat a piece of red agate in a furnace, it would turn brown due to the presence of pyrophyllite (a type of clay). If you then cooled the heated agate piece down, it would keep its red color even after being removed from the furnace.

A few agates may contain other elements besides quartz. These include iron, manganese, chrome, and calcium.

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